Outreach Services

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Outreach and Services, the Cloverleaf Food Pantry and Office of Social Concerns, administer to those in need within our faith community and in the surrounding communities.


Food Pantry

The Cloverleaf Area Ecumenical Assistance Program (CAEAP) was established in 1983. It is located in Saint Pius X Hall. The pantry is open for food distribution every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and is available to anyone who meets the income guidelines and lives within a two-mile radius of the Pleasant Hills Cloverleaf. Besides the food pantry, services also include disbursement of emergency funds and providing gift cards to all eligible food pantry recipients during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holiday.

Saint Elizabeth Parish offers a very strong support to the food pantry and has a monthly collection of non-perishable food items and monetary donations on the third weekend of every month. In addition, there are 8 other churches as well as local businesses and organizations that help support the CAEAP.

We are committed to responding to those in need with a ministry of caring and serving.

Social Concerns

The Office of Social Concerns at Saint Elizabeth Parish grew out of the first parish council which was initiated in 1972 under the direction of the pastor, Father James Aaron. Among the four committees of the council was the Social Commission which became known as the Apostolate Committee. Their first work was the visitation of the shut-ins. Eventually, the committee members assisted in the delivery of plants to the homebound during the holiday season. The group that volunteered to do this ministry was originally called the Social Service Group and later changed to the Bethany Group (so named after Martha and Mary of Bethany, known to us from the gospels).

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